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Her Thunder (2/2)

Title: Her Thunder (2/2)
Author: iciebloo
Characters/Pairings: Callie/Arizona, Mark
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Again, I do not own ANYTHING. All characters in this fic belong to Shonda Rhimes and ABC. I am making no profit out of this whatsoever. For entertainment purposes only.
Summary: A ring and (hopefully) a friend's approval.

A/N: Second part to the story! There seems to be a theme going on in all my fics so far: Arizona prancing around in underwear. Weird. I also noticed something rather ironic about this chapter. Didn't notice it until I wrote it, and decided not to change it. Brownie points to the first person to spot the irony. Anyway, enjoy! Again, comments and/or constructive criticism are greatly appreciated!

Callie leaned against her apartment door, exhausted from her seemingly endless shift. She couldn’t stop thinking about what Mark said earlier. That bastard wouldn’t return her calls. She had scanned the surgical board multiple times to see if he was in surgery. No “Dr. Sloan” written anywhere on the surgical board. Surgeries, my ass. She had thought.

Finally, pushing all thoughts of Mark out of her head, Callie gained the last bit strength she had left and pushed herself off her apartment door. Callie knew that Arizona had taken the day off, and was probably prancing around the apartment in her underwear, like always. Callie couldn’t wait to see her. Feel her. Hold her. Inserting the key into the doorknob, Callie opened the door to her apartment.

“Arizo--Wha--Oh. My. God.“ Callie stuttered. What she saw nearly took her breath away. The whole apartment was covered in bouquets of flowers. On the floor, on the kitchen counter, on the sofa, everywhere. Lots. And. Lots. Of. Flowers.  Orchids, to be exact. Her favorite. There must’ve been hundreds of them. Thousands, even.

Callie looked from the shelves, to the kitchen counter, to the coffee table, and finally, to the center of the apartment, where the bouquets of orchids formed a perfectly shaped heart. And at the center of the heart, sat Arizona.

“Hey.” Arizona half-whispered, harking back to the countless mornings Callie had woken up to the same, loving greeting.


Arizona couldn’t help but giggle. Callie’s stuttering was incredibly endearing.

“You can’t form coherent words. That’s okay, I’ll do the talking. I-I'll keep it short too...since it looks like you're not....breathing.” Arizona paused for a moment, taking in every single one of the stunned Latina’s gorgeous features she had (so long ago) already memorized by heart. “Calliope Iphegenia Torres. The first time I met you was in a dirty bar bathroom. Not the most glamorous of places for a first kiss, so I wanted this to be special. You are the love of my life, Calliope, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I wanna become senile together. So...I think we should get married. Because that would make me super, SUPER happy. What d'you say?”

Recovering from her shock, Callie finally brought herself to speak, “Y-Yes. A thousand times, yes.”

Arizona stood up from her spot and walked over to Callie, pulling her into a deep kiss. Callie moaned into the kiss, opening her mouth slightly to allow Arizona entrance. But, curiosity got the better of her, and Callie broke the kiss before tongues could enter mouths.

“Wait. How did you have the time to do all of this? I mean I know you had the day off, but still.” Callie looked around again, admiring the flawless handiwork.

“Mark. He left work early to help.”

“Mark? Wha—Ohhhh.” Mystery. Solved. Now she felt a little bit bad for calling him a bastard…in her mind. But only a little.

“So, how ‘bout we take this to the bedroom, fiancé?” Arizona purred, snaking her arms around Callie’s waist.

“Ooh, I love the way you say it. It’s super hot. But I kinda wanna stare at this perfect beauty a little longer.”

Calliope. You can stare at me in the bedroom as well.”

Arizona definitely deserved the massive tickling she got afterwards.

“Not you! The orchids! Although, yes, you are a perfect beauty as well.”

“Well I hope so. You are the one who has to stare at this” Arizona gestured to herself “for the rest of your life….even when I start to get crusty.”

Callie couldn’t stop grinning, cheeks burning from the pain. She thought her heart would burst from all the happiness and love she felt.

“I love you.”

Arizona flashed her famous full-dimpled, super magic smile.

“I love you too, Calliope.”

Callie pulled Arizona into another passionate kiss, cupping her delicate face. She could never get over how good she tasted. After a few moments of heavy petting and groping, Callie broke the kiss to catch her breath and rested her forehead against Arizona’s.

“And Arizona?”


“You totally stole my thunder.”

Her Thunder (1/2)

Title: Her Thunder (1/2)
Author: iciebloo
Characters/Pairings: Callie/Arizona, Mark
Rating: PG-13
Summary: A ring and (hopefully) a friend's approval.

A/N: Set a couple months after the season 6 finale. Had this in my mind for awhile now. Not sure if I like the final product, but I’m posting it anyway. I also apologize in advance if I leave you guys confused and dying for answers. I promise I’ll update soon.

“I bought it a week after we got back together. So? What do you think?”

Mark looked from his overly giddy best friend to the black box opened in front of him. It was beautiful. One single diamond surrounded by two pear-shaped emeralds. It was simple, and bright. Very Roller-girl. It was perfect. They were perfect. Everything was perfect. Except…maybe one thing.

“It’s…uh…impressive.” Mark replied, keeping his face as expressionless as possible.

Callie’s smile faded immediately. That was DEFINITELY not the response she was looking for.

“You hesitated…why did you hesitate? Is-is-is it not good? Is it not the right one? Oh god. Dammit! I knew it! I knew it was too--“

Mark grabbed Callie by the shoulders to keep her arms from flailing out of control. “No. Stop! It’s PERFECT. It’s just that….maybe….you….shouldn’t….you know….propose.” Mark averted his eyes and turned to his charts, afraid of Callie’s reaction.

“What?” Callie exclaimed, eyes widening in shock. Callie had always been an insecure person, unsure about a lot of things in life, but she was sure about this. Arizona was the love of her life and she knew she wanted to spend the rest of her life with her. She knew. She was ABSOLUTELY confident about this. And she knew Mark believed in their relationship too. So why would Mark say something like that? Mark, the same person who urged her to “try again with Robbins”, and who, up until now, had been expressing how pleased he was that she and Arizona were back together. Callie's mind clouded with confusion.

“Are you saying it’s a bad idea?”

Mark looked up from his charts, still avoiding eye contact.

“No…I’m saying…don’t do it.”

“What’s the difference? What--Mark!” Callie shouted as Mark desperately tried to scoot away from the uncomfortable situation. “Where are you going?”

“Uh, I’ve got surgeries. You wouldn’t believe the number of people desperate for new faces. Gotta go!”

With that, Mark scurried off, leaving a very puzzled Callie standing in the ER.

Worth the Wait

Title: Worth the Wait

Pairing: Callie/Arizona

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: I do not own ANYTHING. All characters in this fic belong to Shonda Rhimes and ABC. I am making no profit out of this whatsoever. For entertainment purposes only.

Summary: Shameless, shameless, fluff.

A/N: This is my very first post...and my first fic. Comments and/or constructive criticism are greatly appreciated.

Nineteen hours. Twenty-eight minutes. Forty-two seconds.

That’s how long my shift lasted. Nineteen hours, twenty-eight minutes, and forty-two seconds of fixing broken bones, yelling at interns, and listening to Mark whine about the lack of nurses willing to put out ever since his break up with Lexie. Nineteen. Fuckin’. Hours.

Groggily, I make my way to my apartment door, thanking God my sore feet hadn’t given in just yet. Letting the side of my aching body rest completely on my apartment door, I quickly pull my keys out and shove a random key into the keyhole, praying to God that by any chance, it would be the right one. Prayer seems to work today.

I open the door to the sound of….music? As I hear Jay Sean blasting in the background and an adorably off pitch voice sing along to the song, my eyes immediately focus on the blonde, messy, curls bouncing up in down to the beat of the music. My eyes soon travel south, though, as I notice my girlfriend’s gorgeous hourglass figure being perfectly displayed in a white wife beater that leaves nothing to the imagination, and a pair of skimpy, yet still classy, piece of lacey, pink panties that tightly grips her delicious ass.

As she prances towards me, I’m met with glistening blue eyes and a full dimpled grin. I instinctively grab her flailing arms and pull her towards me, kissing her soft, strawberry flavored lips with all the passion that I have in my bones.

Nineteen hours. Twenty-eight minutes. Forty-two seconds. Definitely worth the wait.



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